Change of Season Sparks Action in Southwest Florida

After a hot summer things are coming to life on the waters around Pine Island and Southwest Florida. The fall migration has begun with hordes of bait moving south for the upcoming cooler months and plenty of hungry predator’s right on their tails.

The inshore waters have really come to life; about everywhere you look there is bait of some type and size. Trout are feeding under the bait schools when they are over a grass or grass and sand mix bottom. Mackerel, ladyfish, bluefish, sharks, flounder and a few tarpon are also chasing the bait pods.

The beginning of fall is a great time for redfish. We are finding them tucked up under the mangroves on the higher stages of the tide and schools of larger fish are becoming more frequent on the open flats in Pine Island Sound and Charlotte Harbor.
This is a great time to fish, autumn or fall begins on Friday and the change is already underway. Days are getting shorter, the water is cooling and fish are getting hungry. Top that with an unlimited supply of bait moving south through our waters and we should be in store for some good fishing.
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