It’s All About Tarpon Fishing in Southwest Florida

Another week of beautiful weather and pretty darn good fishing around Pine Island in Southwest Florida. Tarpon continue to get the spotlight with good numbers of fish showing off the beaches, in the Passes, Pine Island Sound and Charlotte Harbor.

The early morning bite has been the most consistent then the bite has been off and on throughout the day. The Tarpon are on the move from day to day so it is often necessary to hunt for active fish, once found and patiently working the school we have been hooking up with large Atlantic thread herring free lined on a 6/0 Owner circle hook attached to eighty pound fluorocarbon leader. I have also talked to anglers doing well with a half of ladyfish or mullet fished on bottom.

Sharks continue to be a nuisance when tarpon fishing, not the big ones trying to eat our tarpon but those six feet and under that keep intercepting our tarpon baits. I’m not complaining though, sharks are always fun to catch and they keep your adrenaline up while waiting for that next tarpon bite.

We are back on strong tides this week so it should be a great week of fishing. I have to think tarpon are about to peak anytime, the Royal Poinciana trees are in full bloom, an old timer’s way of knowing when it’s time to fish for big snook in the Passes during the summer and we have some great redfish tides. If you ever wanted to score a southwest Florida Grand Slam (Tarpon, Snook, Redfish & Trout) this could be the best week of the year.

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