We did not fish one day this past week and I have to say with the colder weather and the Christmas holiday it was a nice break. I don’t mind fishing in the cold, actually we have some of our best days when it’s cold and the north wind has blown the water out of the bay. However, it usually takes me two or three trips to adjust my clothing accordingly where I put enough layers on and don’t freeze. Winter time fishing is actually kind of a break because I can sleep in a little and not get soaked throwing the castnet at sunrise. Actually fishing is generally better a little later during the warmest part of the day. I love fishing with live baitfish, but it is a nice change to fish with shrimp, cut bait and artificials when the waters cold. We just have to remember to s-l-o-o-o-w down our baits and keep them near the bottom.

I did attempt to go out on the water with the family today, loaded the wife, kids and dog in the boat and hit the water. We made it maybe a mile when everyone was complaining they were freezing and wanted to turn around (Florida folk can be real whiners when it’s cold). So turn around we did and came back to the house, fortunately we live on the water so it was no big deal, boat was probably in the water a total of fifteen minutes.

I have a busy week coming up to close out the New Year and with the forecasted cooler temperatures hopefully we can get on some bigger sheepsheads and maybe a red or two. There are still lots of trout around as they are off limits for one more week and the pompano bite should improve. With a little luck we will have something good to report at week’s end.

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