Here we are into the first week of December and the weather remains warm, This has brought us good fishing for a variety of species.

Snook season closed the first of December, the bite has been good and should continue with catch and release action until cooler weather arrives.

      With warmer water temperatures we have caught some really nice Trout for this time of year, plus Redfish. Fishing live bait around oyster bars has given us the best luck.

      Fishing was consistent for Gag Grouper leading up to season closure on December 3rd. Not only are they great eating but probably the most challenging fish to land a big one from inshore structure.

      Large Jack Crevalle are plentiful around Matlacha Pass where they are harassing mullet schools. They aren’t much for table fare but are one of the hardest fighting fish you will ever encounter.

      Spanish Mackerel continue to show in good numbers and some days are producing good catches of Flounder. 

      Here we are heading into the second week of December and its still warm, don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, I absolutely do not like cold weather, at all.  With the above average water temperatures bait fish are still around in good numbers as well as many fish that normally would have already moved south or taken refuge to warmer waters. If it remains warm it’s possible that we will still have a chance of catching many of the same fish species right through Christmas that we target in the warmer weather of fall and spring.   

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